Nestled in the bustling streets of Lewisburg, where the clink of glasses and the resonant sound of camaraderie fill the air, stands Puir Seil’s Irish Pub. A place where the deep-rooted traditions of Ireland blend with local allure, where every sip and bite carries tales from afar, and where every visitor experiences a slice of Irish conviviality.

Puir Seil’s is more than a pub; it’s a cornerstone of community and friendship. Our doors are open to all those seeking a spot where the atmosphere is as important as the quality of the drink. Here, you are not just seen as a customer, but as an extended member of our pub family, with Irish hospitality evident in every interaction.

Our bar boasts an impressive selection of the finest Irish whiskeys, craft beers, and of course, the iconic Guinness, with its rich, creamy head. Our expert bartenders, with their infallible skill and knowledge, are always ready to serve you a perfectly poured pint or an inventive cocktail that will brighten your evening.

Settle in by the fireplace or join the locals at our communal tables. Our kitchen takes pride in home-cooked specialties that embody the best of Irish hospitality and culinary traditions. From hearty meals to light bites, our dishes are prepared with passion and a touch of homeliness.

The musical soul of Puir Seil’s ensures an unforgettable ambiance. With regular live performances, our pub is the go-to place in Lewisburg to enjoy authentic Irish music, where lively tunes and soft ballads transport you on a journey to the emerald isles.

Puir Seil’s Irish Pub is your destination for an evening full of sports, fun, and togetherness. Whether you’re here for our renowned quiz nights, to watch the big games on the big screen, or simply to enjoy a good conversation with old and new friends, you’ll feel right at home.

We invite you to become part of our community, to share your stories with us, and to create new memories. Let us fill your evenings with merriment, your glasses with the best of Ireland, and your heart with the unmatched ambiance of Lewisburg’s own Puir Seil’s Irish Pub.

Sláinte, and we look forward to welcoming you with a warm greeting and a cold pint at Puir Seil’s, where every day is a reason to celebrate.